Colorado has been my home since I was 9 years old and I love the classic beauty every corner of our state offers. As a child, I remember our summer vacations spent in small mountain towns that had a decent lake for fishing. Fishing, hiking, and sunning were the tasks of the day. The main streets offered little shops to pop into and find treasures; the inky skies at night glowed with stars while buzzing and chirping insects provided perfect background music. Oh my goodness! I wax sappy every time I think of it!!

Is it any wonder I set my books in the beautiful Rocky Mountains? I have a desperate love for all things small town coupled with a longing to return to the way it used to be.

I write romantic fiction where escape from the stress of city life collides with small towns on the verge of extinction. We kind of see that today, don’t we? How do we save our colorful history while welcoming the future without losing it’s charm?

With romantic fiction books, of course!

With a healthy slice of spiritual guidance, I offer you an escape from the realities of life with the lure of sweet, loving romance sprinkled with a bit of God’s whimsical touch.