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Another Seeker Sale!!

Congratulations to Carolyn Slaughter w/a Cara Lynn James, another Seeker to win the nod of an editor!WooHoo, go Cara!! As you know, First Sales earn the deserving Seeker a first-class ticket off of Unpubbed Island. With the sale of her … Continue reading

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The celebration has begun! Another Seeker has made the leap off Unpubbed Island!! Ruth Logan Herne has sold to Love Inspired! You remember Ruthy, don’t you? The witty, fun, slightly snarky Seeker who always sets a beautiful buffet on Unpubbed … Continue reading

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Cara Slaughter Finals in the Golden Heart!

The finalists for Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart contest were announced on March 25. For those not familiar with this contest, it is the cadillac of the Romance Writer’s world. Nationally acclaimed, the Golden Heart offers prestige and career … Continue reading

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I finished the rough draft of Rough and Ready at 4:51pm today!! WooHoo! Now it’s time to edit. My favorite thing. Oh, and ideas are swirling through my head for the next book. God is very good : )

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Congratulations, Glynna Kaye Love Inspired Author !!!!! You’ve left the Island!! Come join the party in Seekerville

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Exciting News…

…A fellow Seeker has been rescued off Unpubbed Island!! If you want to know who the lucky Castaway is, you’ll have to visit Seekerville tomorrow where the Weekend Edition will announce the Romance world’s newest author. Make sure you stop … Continue reading

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