Rough Road HomeRachel Hill, a burned-out stockbroker, realizes she’s sacrificed too much for her career and is searching for God’s direction in her life. Champion bull rider, Nick Davidson, reasons God abandoned him first, so what’s the point of seeking Christ’s will in his life? When Nick suffers a concussion, the road trip to the next rodeo becomes the ride of a lifetime for Rachel and Nick. Secrets revealed; lies exposed. Can the power of love heal even these deepest wounds?

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“Audra Harders has outdone herself with this beautifully crafted story of a burned-out stockbroker and an injured bull rider who discover much more than either one expects on what the author so aptly describes as their rough road home.  Both heart-warming and at times heart-wrenching, this is a story that will linger in readers’ minds long after the last page is turned.  Highly recommended.” ~ Amanda Cabot, bestselling author of In Firefly Valley


Christmas Cowboy – was originally part of the Hope For The Holidays Contemporary Collection featuring Mary Connealy, Audra Harders, Ruth Logan Herne, Sandra Leesmith, Tina Radcliffe, Missy Tippens

Single mother, Shayna Leon struggles to pull the Christmas pageant together. Having disappointed her community, she hopes the success of the pageant will restore their faith in her. Problems pop up all over until the final blow – her accompanist is injured and unable to play the piano. Disappointment looms until a reclusive cowboy steps up to save her day.

Ranch hand, RJ Westin keeps a tight lid on his shady past. Great plan, if it wasn’t for bubbly Shayna Leon. Her sweet voice and innocent smile tug at his heart, making him want the things he can’t have and threatening to expose the secret he’s worked so hard to hide.

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“Her Christmas Cowboy” by Audra Harders: Infuriatingly captivating. The first scene had me spitting nails. Talk about grabbing – and keeping – a reader’s attention! Harders delivers an emotional tale of forgiveness and new beginnings. A perfect theme for a Christmas read.”5-star Amazon Review


Second Chance Ranch

Pediatric oncology nurse, Jennifer O’Reilly returns home to Hawk Ridge, Colorado to establish a mountain recreation camp as a safe adventure for children battling cancer. Her path to ownership depends on developing a profitable business plan to convince the bank she can manage not only the camping facility, but the entire Trails’ End Ranch operation.

Generations earlier, one misplayed hand of poker lost part of the family ranch, and Zac Davidson, youngest son and financial genius of the Circle D, wants it back. Intrigued since childhood by the legend of his great grandfather, Zac is the only family member who holds out hope that one day the ranch would become Davidson property again. When the ranch goes on the market, money is no object, only Jennifer O’Reilly stands between him and his dream.

High school sweethearts, Jennifer and Zac have wounded each other, and the scars run deep. Jennifer is forced to reveal a secret she’s protected for twelve years. Will past mistakes jeopardize the future of both of their dreams or give them a second chance?

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“Now this is my kind of romance! A haunted heroine, a hunky hero, and enough heat to fan the smoldering remains of a lost love into a cozy campfire that warms both heart and soul. With languid and easy prose and a fresh plot guaranteed to tug on your emotions, Audra Harders has captured the essence of “cowboy” in this sweet and poignant love story that provides the perfect “chance” for a great read.” ~ Julie Lessman, award-winning author of The Daughters of Boston and Winds of Change series.

Circle D series

With a broken-down truck, miles to go and little money, single mother Melanie Hunter needs help. It comes in the handsome form of rancher Gabe Davidson. He’ll pay for the three-week repair job and provide lodging for her and her boy—if she’ll take coordinating the town barbecue off his busy hands. Melanie accepts, figuring she’ll soon be on her way to her new life. But as she gets to know the kind townspeople—and the hardworking cowboy her son adores—she realizes she’s found her home. Now if only her Rocky Mountain hero will ask her to stay.

Love Inspired Books, January 2011

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“An easygoing romance set in a beautiful part of the country. The main characters’ discovery of love when they aren’t looking for it, makes for a touching tale.” RT Reviews, 4 stars

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