Let Freedom Ring

Thanks to Hobby Lobby for sharing this gem
Oft times it’s essential for me to be reminded of the roots of this country
I pray you and your family spend a safe and joy filled 4th of July
Happy Independence Day!
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Look at the great posts coming your way in Seekerville in July

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Working on the Farm

The Peterson brothers in Kansas released a new youtube video entitled
 A Fresh Breath of Farm Air.
You may want to take a couple of minutes out of your day and watch the new video at:
These young men have produced a number of very cool and humorous videos on YouTube about their lives farming. Check it out!!
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To all who are fathers and everyone honored to be called “Dad.”

Happy Father’s Day!!!

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Saturday Stories: Stone of Heaven

We’ve all heard about twins being polar opposites. This is the case with identical twins, Abigail and Victoria Carswell. They may look alike, but that’s as far as any personality trait goes. Abby is an adventurous risk-taker who views the world as her oyster, especially when she snags the treasure of whatever illusive pearl she tracking at the moment. Tori craves seclusion and is perfectly content to design jewelry in her personal railcar as she travels the country side in complete safety and comfort.

And yet, they are absolute twins, sensing trouble and heartache no matter how many miles apart their lives take them.

Let’s not forget Reid Hunter, a treasure hunter and Abby Carswell’s keenest competitor. They’ve vied for the same treasures over the years, each taking in stride when the other happens to luck out on the adventure of every lifetime.

Reid senses something is wrong when Abby doesn’t throw her hat into the latest treasure hunt — and the most dangerous so far — the search for the blue jade, the Stone of Heaven. He knows there’s trouble when the reclusive Tori Carswell shows up at the airstrip looking for her sister.

What could have happened to Abby to bring Tori a world away from her comfort zone?

As Tori and Reid tangle together in their mistrust of each other, time is running out to rescue Abby who has been captured by the Mayan priests who seek to uncover the power of their sacred god. Tori and Reid learning to trust one another is a parallel adventure to the one that races to the tomb in time to save the world.

L.A. Sartor writes a story that draws you in and holds tight for the whole ride. I recommend Stone of Heaven to anyone, especially if its a grand adventure you’re looking for!!

Stone of Heaven

The Recluse …
Tori Carswell treasures her solitude and simple life. Her identical twin, Abby Carswell, is the polar opposite, seeking increasingly risky adventures. Now Abby has put herself in mortal danger, captive of an ancient Mayan cult. Her only hope? Woefully under-prepared Tori.

And the Treasure Hunter …
Reid Hunter, good-natured and currently broke, aims to beat his ex-partner Abby to the fabled blue jade known as the Stone of Heaven. But when reclusive, aero-phobic Tori overcomes her fear of flying and tracks her sister to a well guarded tomb deep in the Yucatan rainforest, he realizes Abby is in serious trouble.

Can Opposites Accomplish the Impossible?
Abby no longer trusts Reid. Can Tori risk doing so now, and join forces with him to save her sister? Or will Reid put riches before life and love?

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How about a cozy mystery?

Stop by Seekerville today and join the fun as Marilyn Leach takes us through the steps of writing a cozy mystery.

Her series, The Berdie Elliott Mysteries, features a vicar’s wife with a knack for solving mysteries. The first book of the series, Candle for a Corpse, has Berdie and the entire village on the trail of a lively Advent whodunit.

Who would guess that a simple Advent wreath would light the way to solving a Christmastide mystery in a small English village? Well, when Berdie Elliott, the local vicar’s wife and former investigative reporter, gets the scent, anything can happen. Though Berdie’s husband often disapproves, her divine gift of sorting truth from lies puts her in the stew. Along with her best friend, Lillie, Berdie unwraps far more than Christmas gifts when an Advent gathering at the vicarage goes awry, and murder rocks the village. Lively newcomers, secret identities, a clandestine wedding, and a dissenting constable add to the adventure. Berdie, to the delight of the entire village, ties up the mystery like a bright Christmas bow. Mince pies anyone?

Join in the conversation! One lucky winner will receive a copy of Candle For A Corpse, or the second book in the series, Up From The Grave.

See you there!

At the age of nine, Marilyn wrote her first play with a childhood neighbor, “The Ghost and Mr. Giltwallet”.  It was a mystery.  And she’s been writing, whether hobby or livelihood, since.  A graduate of Colorado State University, she has worked in domestic missions and taught both English acquisition and art in underserved populations.   She’s had the opportunity to co-author several plays that have been performed on both church and secular stages, as well as two screenplays, one of which was a semi-finalist in the John Templeton Screenwriting Competition.  Marilyn’s Advent of a Mystery, was released in September of 2010, Candle for a Corpse in 2012 and Up From the Grave in 2013.  She has written numerous Biblical meditations and essays printed in various publications including Guideposts, Big Dreams in Small Spaces, and Quiet Hour.   Marilyn is a dyed-in-the-wool British enthusiast and it colors her work.  She lives lakeside in a cottage on the outskirts of Denver near the foothills.  Stop by her website:  marilynleachteaandbooks.com.

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Sunday Inspiration for Writers

Fear not, for I am with you,
    be not dismayed, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you,
    I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.
Isaiah 41:10 RSV

Is there a writer out there who has as much trouble with conflict in stories as I do? Honestly, if I just wrote the love stories of my heart, we’d go from cute-meet to happily-ever-after over the course of one chapter.


So when I have an AH-HA moment like the one I had today, I want to shout it from the mountain tops. I was rereading an old favorite romance (published back in 1998) today as a treat for all the laundry I managed to wash-dry-fold-put away, this weekend. This book has a very straight forward plot. The conflict couldn’t have been plainer and yet – after reading this book maybe 20 times over the years – I was still riveted to the story and its very natural outcome.

The difference today dwelled in the fact that this simple conflict in a well loved book showed me where I was deficient in conflict in my own book. Wow. It wasn’t so much that I didn’t have conflict; I just didn’t let it play out its natural course. I fixed things too quickly.

Isn’t it amazing how the good Lord works? I’ve been toying with this story for probably 3 months now. Each time I sit down to write, a new nugget of awareness is presented to me. Sometimes through the story itself; other times through examples like today.

I’ve watched my initial idea grow and develop as I begin each writing adventure with a prayer – “Lord, take this story and make it Yours.” I may not be breaking any completion records, but the characters and their conflict are blossoming into a thing of beauty.

The credit goes to God and His eternal wisdom. Remember my version of a love story? Short and sweet. The story path God is leading me down is a real romance.

I can’t wait for you to read it : )

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Seekerville Happenings

Check out the great guests in Seekerville this month!
Oh, and stop in and say hi to the Seekers, too!

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Sunday Inspiration for Writers

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want;
   He makes me lie down in green pastures.
He leads me beside still waters;
   He restores my soul.
Psalm 23: 1-3a RSV

Stressful times seem to know no limits any longer. It used to be:        

·         the holidays are stressful
·         preparing for vacations is stressful
·         “the kids are out of school for the summer, how will I get anything done?” is stressful

(obviously, this is my list. Feel free to insert your own stress factors)

Circumstances change and suddenly you find yourself with little down time to recharge and regroup. Deadlines at work become tighter; commute times become longer; the budget doesn’t stretch to cover expenses.

Sometimes it feels like the proverbial walls are coming down on you.

Most of us can recite the 23rd Psalm in our sleep. The words tumble out from years of recitation in Sunday School and church services. There is nothing wrong with that. They are good words.

But when was the last time you actually absorbed the meaning of those words? God loved David, yet David was no stranger to adversity. He had his good days and his bad days. Sometimes his bad days were really bad. David never stopped loving God; God never stopped loving David.

And He’ll never stop loving us.

God never promised us we would be sheltered from the problems of this life, but He does say He will always be there to help us through them. We need to:

·         Ask
·         Listen
·         Obey

When we fight for creative inspiration after a long day at work; when we try to grab a couple of moments to work on our WIP while the kids are busy with an activity; when we try to work out a scene in our heads while stuck in traffic, remember, God has that green pasture all prepared for us. He’s ready to set white noise to “babbling brook.” He’s ready to restore your soul.

All you need to do is ask.

God has plans for each and every one of us. He never said the road would be easy. Not on this side of Heaven. But He’s running the marathon with us and offering us cups of water along the way.

Go ahead, lie down in that pasture. Wiggle your toes in the green grass and gaze into the calm waters.

Let Him restore your soul.

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Rules are made to be broken

Join me in Seekerville where I’m hosting Donnell Ann Bell today. She’s talking about rule breaking…something we all long to do well. She’s giving away a copy of her newest book, Deadly Recall. You won’t want to miss the fun!

And don’t miss the opportunity to download Deadly Recall as a Kindle Deal of the Day tomorrow, Friday April 5!

Donnell Ann Bell is the author of The Past Came Hunting and newly released Deadly Recall from Bell Bridge Books. Both books were nominated for the prestigious Golden Heart from Romance Writers of America. Her website is www.donnellannbell.com 

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