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Happy April Fool’s Day!!

I’m blogging in Seekerville today. Topic is Seat Of The Pants writing, or learning to write a novel without a 1GB of revisions.

Come join the fun! Leave a comment and you could be the proud recipient of a bag of chocolate : )

See you there!

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Francine Rivers

Don’t miss the fabulous interview with Francine Rivers in Seekerville! Quite a lady. God gave the publishing world a tremendous blessing when He called Francine to write for Him : )

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Rita and Golden Heart Nominees Are…

Romance Writers of America announced the long awaited finalists for the 2010 Rita and Golden Heart contests. Over 100 finalists in a multitude of categories will be on the edge of their seats in Nashville, TN this July 31st when the winners will be announced. Good luck, everyone!
Harlequin received 34 nominations for the Rita! Is that great, or what? And a special shout out to Steeple Hill Love Inspired Historical author, Carla Capshaw whose book The Gladiator received TWO nominations, Inspirational Romance and Best First Book. What an awesome first year!

And let us not forget our friends of Seekerville and friends of Five Scribes who have finaled in the Golden Heart. You guys rock!
Of course our special congratulations go out to Donnell Ann Bell. Deadly Recall is a Golden Heart finalist in the Romantic Suspense category!! Donnell has MANY reasons for wanting to attend the RWA Nationals, now she’s racked up one more!! Way to go, girlfriend!!

Best to all the nominees
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This week in Seekerville

Go check out the line up in Seekerville next week! Especially mark you calendars, I’ll be blogging on writing and fitness on Thursday!

Monday: Join Barbour author, Mary Connealy as she discusses consistency in your writing. She’ll also be giving away a copy of Black Hills Blessing.

Tuesday: Putting Your Baby To Bed, with Love Inspired debut author, Tina Radcliffe. And a surprise giveaway!

Wednesday: Revell author, Laura Frantz is our special guest.

Thursday: Love Inspired debut author, Audra Harders is your hostess today.

Friday:March Contest Update. The prize vault will be open.

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Plotting the trail

Manuscript revisions – check.

Sent to editor – check.

Ideas for new books – check.

Organized thoughts – screeching halt.

I don’t know about you, but my mind tends to work like an air hockey table with all the discs hovering around with no direction when I’m brainstorming and plotting. Everything sounds good. But without a central theme, my proverbial Alice In Wonderland of goals, motivations and conflicts only serve to muddle up my mind and stiffle my creativity.

A train wreck waiting to happen.

Over the next few days, I plan on identifying the writing peak I’m going to climb and investigate all the paths and trails that will lead my characters to the summit.

In a coherent fashion.

Tough. Rugged.

Very few Sherpas allowed.

Push that story forward!!
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I finished the revisions to Rocky Mountain Hero this evening! What a relief!

For the last two weeks, I’ve been coming home from work, eating with family and other little things, then off to my office from 7 pm to 9 pm. Weekends, I’ve been burrowed away from the light of day. Of course, this weekend, we’ve had snow floating down, so mega easy to stay in where it’s warm : )

I’m so excited to see Rocky Mountain Hero (formerly Rough and Ready) come together. My editor has a great eye for detail and plot. All of her suggestions for revisions have only made the story stronger.

Okay, time to switch gears now and get mentally ready for day job tomorrow. I like playing 4-H all day, but I like writing inspirational romantic fiction better : )

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Author vs Athelete?

The 2010 Olympics are well on their way! Have you taken time to watch? Sadly, I’m not able to view as much as I’d like, but the moments I have stolen I’ve absolutely loved.

And sat in awe marvelling at the time, talent, and sacrifice these folks have invested in their dream.

I know, a favorite topic of novelist bloggers right now is comparing writing to the Olympics. In my mind, I don’t have any where near the fortitude these focused atheletes do, but I’m dedicated to my craft nonetheless.

Back in one of my prior lifetimes, I lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado, home of the US Olympic Complex and the US Olympic Training Center.

Colorado Springs is also home to the United States Air Force Academy, NORAD, Focus on the Family and a host of other private, corporate and governmental entities–not to mention a campus of the University of Colorado.

Needless to say, I was surrounded by dedicated people doing the most for their dreams. Focus is the featured element in many outstanding professions, including novel writing.

What can we learn from the examples set by the extraordinary atheletes we watch with anticipation over these two weeks? If your heart’s desire is big enough for you to dream, it’s big enough to sacrifice what it takes to make that dream come true. Don’t get discouraged because potholes develope along the path. Either skirt them or repair them, but don’t let them derail you.

What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

Heh, heh, heh, I pray it doesn’t come to that, but you never know what life has in mind : )

Start today to make your dreams come true:

  • Set your goals.

  • Work your hardest.

  • Give it your BEST effort.

  • Pray.

Gold is within your reach. Recognize it when you see it.

Blessing to all!

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Up before dawn

Saturday morning and I can’t sleep.

I should be able to, I’ve lost enough sleep over that past week still flying high on the excitment of selling my book : )

But here I sit. Saturday morning. Drinking coffee. Catching up on emails.

And more than prepared to resume work on the revisions to my book, Rocky Mountain Hero. So much to do and so little time to do it. Ahhh, don’t we all work better under pressure, LOL!!

My daughter is driving home from college to spend the weekend. Can you believe we took her up to school just two weeks ago and she’s homesick already? And this isn’t even her first year of college : )

We miss her, too. My carnivorous child is ready to fill up on meat, meat, and more meat before she goes back on Sunday and faces whatever canned food is sitting in the cupboards.

College life. What a kick.

I changed the background of my blog. Don’t know if I like it yet. Gotta wear it a while…break it in…see if it fits.

Oh My Goodness. I’ve got to work on my website, too.

And finish some judging panels.

And compile our taxes.

So really? Who has time to sleep?

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The Morning After

Wow. What a wild party!
Seekerville hosted a First Sale party for me yesterday on the Island. It was a wild time! I got to talk to friends I hadn’t seen in years. Got to rub shoulders with those faithful followers of Seekerville and Five Scribes. And I met folks who just enjoyed coming to a good party : )

Our highlights? Well, we had a Conga line going all day long. Mercy! You should have seen the length of that thing, LOL!! Thanks Tina for getting that going just a few minutes after midnight : ) Cap’n Jack Sparrow held his post all day beneath the palm trees serving refreshments and yes, chasing a few flip-flops around the island : ) Madame Zelda made an appearance at the end of the day to pass out a some *I told you so’s*.
The pig roasted up deliciously and thanks to all who proved the endless dessert table : )
Marshmallows were aflame come nightfall when the bonfire whooshed to life and folks settled down around the warmth and reminisced over the day, the year, the years…

All keys to Ski Jets, motorboats and yachts were confiscated at the shore upon arrival and when the party drew to a close, we all pulled up a hammock, a cot, sleeping bag, or just a plot of sand and said goodnight to a memorable day. Can you believe the island natives clean up while we slept? Awesome!

I’ll cherish the memory forever.

Thanks go out to Tina, Ruthy, Mary, Camy, Cheryl, Missy, Cara, Sandra, Myra, Janet, Glynna, Debby, Pam and Julie for sticking with me through the years, thick and thin. You guys know how to throw a swinging party!

And now, if you want to know more about how to Monkey Around, visit Seekerville for a peek into all the happenings of the coming week!!
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First Sale!!!

January 30, 2010
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