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Had a great day of booksigning memories yesterday over in Seekerville. Jillian Kent named Are You Ready For Your Book Signing as a her choice of blog of the week! Isn’t that too cool! Take a minute and visit her blogs. Lots of great stuff there.

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Drop by Seekerville

Drop by Seekerville today where I offer all my wisdom on preparing for a booksigning. LOL! You say, She’s had one booksigning and thinks she’s an expert, right? Well, no expert here, but the entire event is really fresh in my mind…that should account for something!

Anyway, drop by and leave a comment. Two books are up for grabs!!

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Booksigning, Part II

My very first booksigning was a blast! And to give credit where credit is due, I have to start by thanking Amanda Cabot. Amanda is my amazing friend and gracious leader of our writers group, Front Range Christian Fiction Writers which meets the 4th Saturday of each month at the Barnes and Noble located in The Promenade Shops at Centerra in Loveland, CO. She told Vivian at Barnes and Noble about my sale who then set the date for January 2011.

Vivian is a promotional diva extrordinaire. She took care of ordering books, setting up a table right at the front door, ordering fantastic promo posters, and even keeping me supplied with water. She was wonderful.

Leslie Ann is the best!

Next, the entire day would not have run smoothly if my fellow writer and best friend Leslie Ann Sartor hadn’t been by my side assuring me all would be fine. She made a check list of things to take, arranged the signing table with all the goodies and was the most amazing hostess!! She directed folks to the guest book and offered them an opportunity to win one of two baskets if they put their name in a drawing. She even took care of getting the winners to Vivian so she would announce the winners. My day would NOT have been as good, as memorable, as exciting if Leslie had not been there with me.

My family!

Gotta make a plug for my family. My son drove down from school and was the first guest there. Then husband and daughter showed up. They were so gracious and entertaining. I love them for all the support they give me — always.

I couldn’t ask to work with a better
group of gals

And then of course, the guests. Oh my word, did we have a crowd! All my cohorts from work showed up with family and friends in tow. They all had a hand in dressing me. Kim provided the boots, Lisa the jacket and skirt, and Amy the opinions. I’m humbled that they gave up a Saturday afternoon to come and support me at my signing. Hmmm, maybe the promise of chocolate for all had more pull than I thought, LOL! The biggest surprise came with a couple of friends showed up that I had worked with 25 years ago and hadn’t seen since. Wow. The fact that Merilee and Craig drove to Denver from Pueblo and Manitou Springs almost made me cry.

I could go on and on, but really, that would just be me blubbering in my joy. Saturday, January 22 was such a blessing to me. I’m wondering if maybe the angels God sent to supervise the day didn’t have a good time, too. And maybe, just maybe they snatched a chocolate or two…

Thank you everyone for your prayers and support.

There’ll never again be a first booksigning!!

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Incredible review

Learning to juggle my time between debut book launching, full time job, family AND finishing book two to send to editor, at times, I don’t know which way to turn! Please be patient with me as I learn to shuffle all the pieces of my life in place AND have time left over for an occasional episode of NCIS!


I promise I’ll have pic of my booksigning up this weekend.

In the meantime, please check out Andrea’s Take, a wonderful blog with tips and insights you don’t want to miss. She reviewed Rocky Mountain Hero and left me speechless! Thanks Andrea!

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Booksigning, Part 1

What a great day at Barnes & Noble!
My very first ever booksigning was the best experience ever.
AND it was made the best by all the friends, family and readers who stopped by to visit!!
More on the booksigning coming, but right now, I want to announce the winners of my hourly drawings:
Dena Netherton
Brooke Hageman
Dena, Brooke – thanks for joining the fun! I’ll be contacting you!
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I can’t believe it’s been a year since I received The Call!
Now I’m getting ready for my very first BOOKSIGNING!
Come join the fun at Barnes and Noble

located in

The Promenade Shops at Centerra, Loveland CO
Saturday, January 22, 2011
1:00 – 3:00 pm

For directions, please visit my website

Chocolates will be provided along with a drawing for a special prize!
See you there!

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Christmas break ends

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks. As Christmas break wound down for my kids, so their to-do lists wound up. All the things they wanted to do as break stretched before them, became a mass confusion of completion at the end.

Ha! Nice to know some things never change : )

The kids are back up at college now where they belong and our house is quiet. Maybe too quiet. We might have to take in a boarder or two just to liven things up.

I’m in the final round of my tweaks of this manuscript before I send it to my editor. It’s been a long haul, but a great learning experience. I’ve been writing romance for YEARS. Who would’ve thought turning in a second book to my editor would be so angst-ridden??

If you have any spare prayers, they would be greatly appreciated!!

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Book Sighting!!

Check this out!
Dear friend of mine and Seekerville’s has located
Rocky Mountain Hero (Audra Harders) and
The Rancher’s Reunion (Tina Radcliffe) in California!!
I just love going national!!
Thanks Keli!!

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Making Choices

Come join me in Seekerville today where I talk about the difficult time I have making Choices. Aren’t there times you just want it all??  It’s too painful to pick one over another?

It’s the timeless problem I deal with as life spreads a buffet of choices before me each day.

What’s a girl to do?

And if you share a comment, you might win a copy of Rocky Mountain Hero or A Rancher’s Reunion!

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My husband is a very generous fellow. And usually, I love him for it. Except this weekend when he shared his indefinable illness with the rest of the family. Aches, pains and fuzzy head have dogged me for the last two days. Even had to take today off from work so I wouldn’t spread the cheer. Can you believe that? Call in sick the day after New Year’s weekend. Can’t wait to see the ribbing I get when I go in tomorrow, LOL!

Is this any way to begin the New Year? I mean, really? Well, I guess if you’re checking off items accomplished, I can scratch *getting sick* off my to-do list for 2011 now. Wouldn’t that be great? Ha, in my Nyquil sustained dreams : )

May your year start out better than mine everyone! And if by some chance I DON’T get sick again in 2011, look for my New Year’s eve post telling the world of my incredible discovery!!!


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