New Year brings revisions!

It’s snowing in Longmont, Colorado. Nothing like the wicked snow and cold most of the rest of the country is getting. This is more a light, constant flaking that has given us around 4″ since the pre-dawn hours. I love it.

Our snowy weather gives me the perfect excuse to sit down and work on the revisions to my latest book, Second Chance Ranch. It’s been 3 years since we met Gabe Davidson, (Love Inspired Books) and the folks at the Circle D Ranch. Gabe met Melanie Hunter and her son, Jason and found Happily Ever After over a broken down truck and a church barbeque.

Now it’s time to tell Zac Davidson’s story. We didn’t see Zac in Rocky Mountain Hero, but we learned he’s the youngest son of Grace and Martin Davidson, a wild child, and the Chief Financial Officer of Davidson Enterprises. We met Jennifer O’Reilly, his childhood friend and sweet nurse with a big heart…who also holds the upper hand on a ranch Zac’s been wanting to buy.

Their story tells of love and sacrifice…and of course hurt beyond compare.

Look for Second Chance Ranch early 2014 on Amazon. Stop by Seekerville on Feb 6th for my monthly blog post and I’ll be debuting my gorgeous cover!

As the launch date approaches, I’ll be having a contest for copies of Second Chance Ranch and a “High Country Colorado” gift basket. Keep checking back.

I’m excited about Zac and Jen’s story. I hope you will enjoy it, too!

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2 Responses to New Year brings revisions!

  1. OOO, I love the snow! We had ice a few weeks ago, but that was hazardous to us down in Texas. NO ONE knows how to drive on frozen precipitation here. Have fun on those revisions! Looking forward to hearing more about Second Chance Ranch!

  2. Snow is fun…ice is not! I just replaced the tires on my SUV about a month ago. Good thing. My tires were looking like street slicks, LOL! Careful driving amongst the crazies who think they know how to drive in that weather, Sherrinda! Even here in Colorado, folks think just because they have 4-wheel drive, they can speed on anything. Wrong!

    Ooo, I’m so excited about Second Chance Ranch! Keep checking back for details on publication. I’m hoping for the beginning of March : )

    Thanks for stopping by!