Sunday Inspiration for Writers

Fear not, for I am with you,
    be not dismayed, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you,
    I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.
Isaiah 41:10 RSV

Is there a writer out there who has as much trouble with conflict in stories as I do? Honestly, if I just wrote the love stories of my heart, we’d go from cute-meet to happily-ever-after over the course of one chapter.


So when I have an AH-HA moment like the one I had today, I want to shout it from the mountain tops. I was rereading an old favorite romance (published back in 1998) today as a treat for all the laundry I managed to wash-dry-fold-put away, this weekend. This book has a very straight forward plot. The conflict couldn’t have been plainer and yet – after reading this book maybe 20 times over the years – I was still riveted to the story and its very natural outcome.

The difference today dwelled in the fact that this simple conflict in a well loved book showed me where I was deficient in conflict in my own book. Wow. It wasn’t so much that I didn’t have conflict; I just didn’t let it play out its natural course. I fixed things too quickly.

Isn’t it amazing how the good Lord works? I’ve been toying with this story for probably 3 months now. Each time I sit down to write, a new nugget of awareness is presented to me. Sometimes through the story itself; other times through examples like today.

I’ve watched my initial idea grow and develop as I begin each writing adventure with a prayer – “Lord, take this story and make it Yours.” I may not be breaking any completion records, but the characters and their conflict are blossoming into a thing of beauty.

The credit goes to God and His eternal wisdom. Remember my version of a love story? Short and sweet. The story path God is leading me down is a real romance.

I can’t wait for you to read it : )

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4 Responses to Sunday Inspiration for Writers

  1. That’s a really interesting observation. I want to hear more, and what book? Delve a bit deeper into this idea in another post, please.


  2. Erica Vetsch says:

    I always want to coddle my characters. I feel so badly for them when I put them through the wringer.

    But, no conflict=no story.

    So glad you had an epiphany, and that it came while re-reading an old favorite.

  3. Les, ever wonder why your “keeper shelf” isn’t the same as anyone else’s?? I think we gravitate toward those books that complete the pieces we have a hard time working into our own stories.

    Just think of all the times I’ve gushed over a book that you so patiently agree to read only to go “huh?” what in the world is she talking about??

    It’s okay. I thank you for always humoring me : )

  4. Oh Erica, that whole wringer thing makes me cringe…but it’s what conflict is all about. I’m such a push over. It’s amazing I lived through raising two kids who defined sibling rivalry, LOL!

    Yep, tough stuff for an only child.

    I love my keeper books. They speak to me like nothing else can…

    NOW, on to incorporating my epiphany!!