Sunday Inspiration for Writers

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want;
   He makes me lie down in green pastures.
He leads me beside still waters;
   He restores my soul.
Psalm 23: 1-3a RSV

Stressful times seem to know no limits any longer. It used to be:        

·         the holidays are stressful
·         preparing for vacations is stressful
·         “the kids are out of school for the summer, how will I get anything done?” is stressful

(obviously, this is my list. Feel free to insert your own stress factors)

Circumstances change and suddenly you find yourself with little down time to recharge and regroup. Deadlines at work become tighter; commute times become longer; the budget doesn’t stretch to cover expenses.

Sometimes it feels like the proverbial walls are coming down on you.

Most of us can recite the 23rd Psalm in our sleep. The words tumble out from years of recitation in Sunday School and church services. There is nothing wrong with that. They are good words.

But when was the last time you actually absorbed the meaning of those words? God loved David, yet David was no stranger to adversity. He had his good days and his bad days. Sometimes his bad days were really bad. David never stopped loving God; God never stopped loving David.

And He’ll never stop loving us.

God never promised us we would be sheltered from the problems of this life, but He does say He will always be there to help us through them. We need to:

·         Ask
·         Listen
·         Obey

When we fight for creative inspiration after a long day at work; when we try to grab a couple of moments to work on our WIP while the kids are busy with an activity; when we try to work out a scene in our heads while stuck in traffic, remember, God has that green pasture all prepared for us. He’s ready to set white noise to “babbling brook.” He’s ready to restore your soul.

All you need to do is ask.

God has plans for each and every one of us. He never said the road would be easy. Not on this side of Heaven. But He’s running the marathon with us and offering us cups of water along the way.

Go ahead, lie down in that pasture. Wiggle your toes in the green grass and gaze into the calm waters.

Let Him restore your soul.

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2 Responses to Sunday Inspiration for Writers

  1. Erica Vetsch says:

    Ah, a breath of fresh air to my soul as I regroup after vacation and settle into our summer routine.

    Miss you, lady!

  2. Vacation? You luck bucket! Although I must say I had a WONDERFUL working vacation just a few weeks ago : ) Thanks for being a big part of it!!

    I also must draw a deep breath and remember the words written here. The summer is a hectic time. Remember to sit on the bank and wiggle your toes in the water!!

    Miss you too, kiddo! We’ve got to run away together again soon!!