As The Pieces Fall Together…

Jane Choate is my guest in Seekerville today. Her topic is Writing Cut and Paste Style.
I can relate to that. My writing is all over the place needing to be hauled together and affixed with duck tape, LOL!
Jane is the author of 32 books and over 400 short stories and articles, including 11 for Chicken Soup, and she hosts two blogs. The Gratitude Project offers daily inspiration and The Patriot Pages recounts the adventures of our founding fathers, highlighting the great foundation of our nation.
Check them out! 
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2 Responses to As The Pieces Fall Together…

  1. One good turn deserves another. Sorry, I haven’t stopped by before. I really like your blog.

    You know; so much to do, so little time. We all have that excuse, right,.

  2. Hey Ro! Good to see you here : ) I’ve been snooping around your website. I love it. Very Rogenna : )

    I can’t wait for your newest book to come out. Why the wait until the middle of March??

    No matter. I’m going to download it when it come out!

    Stop by again : )