Book In A Month

Can you believe it’s Speedbo time again?
What is Speedbo, you ask?
Speedbo is Seekerville’s version of Book In A Month. Stop by Seekerville and check out the hype. AND stop by and sign up on the Seekerville blog to receive a certificate and badge to post on your blog. You’ll find all the info you need to participate in Speedbo and have a great time. Oh, and did I mention prizes…?
Don’t forget to stop by the Seekerville blog all through March for posts from Seekers and guests designed to help you on your novel writing journey.
See you there!!

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4 Responses to Book In A Month

  1. Oh goodness…just the thought of Speedbo makes me quiver. It is just so much pressure! I will be praying you get your words in pronto! 🙂

  2. C’mon, join the fun!

    You know you want to…

  3. Well, yes, I do! But…I am waiting on God to release me to write again. He told me in the fall to set it aside. I can see the wisdom in it now, since several life issues have occurred that have needed my attention, but I can assure you…I did not like it one bit! 🙂

  4. Yep, I know what you mean. He chose November and December for me to abstain. Trying to prepare for the holidays, work, write, and all the other little details that go with the season have taken the joy out of me for the past many years.

    This year, I felt a strong slap on the hand when I tried to work on my ms. So I enjoyed my time off and spent time with family and friends, enjoying the holidays.

    I’ve got to say, outside of me enjoying myself, I know my aunt enjoyed the attention I gave her, too. I made myself avaiable to go shopping and lunch with her as much as she wanted.

    I was the one who was truly blessed.

    Now, I’m focused on writing again : )

    Hang in there, S! You’re a blessing to us all!!