Sunday Inspiration

Forgive me while I try to find some structure to my blog posts. You know, how-to articles, words of wisdom, recipes, etc.

I’ve visited blogs who offer such consistent attractions such as:

Friday Five
Weekend Edition
Excerpt from…

These are just a few blogs that give you something on a specific day. I’d like to do that. But in order for me to consider such a commitment–

  • It has to be simple, so I can share when promised.
  • It has to be sustainable, so I won’t run out of material
  • It has to be interesting, so you’ll keep coming back : )

Okay, since I write Christian romance, let’s start with one encouraging Bible verse a week. AND since I’ve commited to reading Jesus Calling by Sarah Young each day during my devotion time, chances are I’ll find an inspirational something to share from this incredible book from time to time.

SOOOOO, today, and each Sunday, I’ll share a verse(s) that’s inspired me.

Romans 8:28

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them.

Sometimes it’s so hard to interpret God’s will. We press forward with our lives, praying we understand whether we are working within God’s will. Or at least, I do. More often than not, I wonder if I’m beating my head against a wall of my own making. If God has really called me to the ministry of fiction writing for His Glory, why is success taking so long? Why am I running into these obstacles? Why can’t I write better, faster, stronger?

It’s only when I stop and consider my desires and pray over the desires God has for me, do I realize timing is everything. God is not early, nor is He late. He is alway right on time. As long as I keep doing my part, God who is faithful and just, will work His plan at just the perfect time.

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4 Responses to Sunday Inspiration

  1. Isnt’ it difficult to get into a good routine? I got way off on my blog and it has been so difficult to get back on a schedule!

    I love the that scripture, Audra, and I say it all the time, just to remind myself that God has my best interests in mind all the time, no matter what is happening around me. Thank you for the reminder!

  2. Hi Sherrinda, I think the holidays threw us all for a loop. But now that the decorations are all put away and my office is no longer the holding bin for all the stuff throughout the house non-condusive to the holiday spirit, I can try to settle into a routine again.

    BTW, I love the pictures you’ve been posting on your blog as you play with your new camera! I love them. I especially loved the rose. Hmm, I think I’ll mosy on over to your place and tell you that : )

  3. Thanks for encouraging verse. Something I needed at this very moment.

    And as for the blog stuff, yep, it helps to have a few consistent attractions. A plan if you will.

    I like your idea. And will check back each Sunday.


  4. Hi Les,
    You have a developing plan and are doing so well with all your guest bloggers. YAYAYAY!!!!

    I love how you set aside a separate day for excerpts from their books. Great to way to focus on the writing and the story.