Saturday Stories: The Christmas Candle

It’s the Christmas season and time to enjoy another Christmas novella crafted by Mary Connealy. Featured in the 2 for 1 novella collection, Candlelight Christmas, along with Linda Goodnight, The Christmas Candle is a story of grief and healing perfect for this holiday season. In The Christmas Candle, we meet Rose Palmer who buries her life in her work, growing herbs for the perfect scented candle. Though she seems dedicated, there’s an underlying fear of change that makes her dedication equate with isolation. And that isolation is busted wide open when a pair of boys tumble into her life.

No matter how much she protests, Rose’s heart is warmed by the boys and their overprotective father. With the help of the Christmas Candle, the hurting hearts of those in need receive the most beautiful Christmas miracle of all.

As always, Mary Connealy pens a fast paced story filled with characters who don’t realize they can’t always do it all themselves. Unfortunately, asking for help is not even a thought, much less ‘said and done.’ In true Connealy style, The Christmas Candle thaws even the most frozen hearts and lets the warmth of faith and trust flow in. I loved this sweet novella and know you will, too.

Arkansas Ozarks 1883
Gabe Wagner, has left his hectic city life and moved onto Rose Palmer’s mountain. His plans to build a house will tear the heart out of her Ozark Mountain home. Rose learns that what she calls peace and quiet has evolved into isolation and loneliness. As Christmas approaches and she searches for the perfect way to honor the Savior’s birth, she realizes she wants to let Gabe into her life. But to do it, she may have to face a larger world that frightens her while she gives up the safe life she has always known.

Can the search for the perfect Christmas candle and the broken hearts of two little boys bring a solitary woman and a grieving man together?

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3 Responses to Saturday Stories: The Christmas Candle

  1. Vince says:

    Hi Audra:

    I think this is a great story and the only story where I thought a mountain was both a matchmaker and the leading character in the story. No mountain, no story. This brings ‘setting’ to a new height. Pun intended. : )


  2. LOL, Vince. New heights that Mary Connealy scaled and conquered marvelously.

  3. I’ve not yet read Mary’s books and this sounds like the perfect beginning for me to become a fan.

    Thanks Audra and of course, Mary.