Saturday Stories: A Light In The Window


Julie Lessman has done it again. No matter who publishes her work, you always know when the author cited is “Julie Lessman” you will NOT be disappointed. Her newest release, A Light In The Window is a Christmas love story destined to become a classic.

Julie offers her readers a warm, loving Christmas story–one that serves dual purposes:

  • Capturing the true essence of Christ’s love for us when we completely surrender ourselves to Him;
  • and we finally have the love story that started the entire O’Connor clan phenomenon in the Daughters of Boston series, and continuing in the Winds of Change series.

In the finest of her signature “Gone With The Wind” style, Julie Lessman takes the common theme of two men after one girl and weaves so many twists and turns in the love story, your heart can’t help but hurt and cheer for every one of her characters.

Lessman has that unique knack of infusing God’s love into her characters. God’s deep love. A love that passes all understanding. It brings joy, tears, passion and difficult choices into that sparkling light that makes us remember that God does NOTHING half way.

Squeeze in the time to read A Light In The Window: An Irish Christmas Love Story this Christmas season. You won’t be disappointed.

Product Details

One Woman. Two Men.
One stirs her pulse and the other her faith.
But who will win her heart?

Marceline Murphy is a gentle beauty with a well-founded aversion to rogues. But when two of Boston’s most notorious pursue her, she encounters a tug-of-war of the heart she isn’t expecting. Sam O’Rourke is the childhood hero she’s pined for, the brother of her best friend and a member of the large, boisterous family to which she longs to be a part. So when his best friend Patrick O’Connor joins in pursuit of her affections, the choice seems all too clear. Sam is from a family of faith and Patrick is not, two rogues whose wild ways clash head-on with Marcy’s—both in her faith and in her heart.

While overseeing the Christmas play fundraiser for the St. Mary’s parish soup kitchen—A Light in the Window—Marcy not only wrestles with her attraction to both men, but with her concern for their spiritual welfare. The play is based on the Irish custom of placing a candle in the window on Christmas Eve to welcome the Holy Family, and for Marcy, its message becomes deeply personal. Her grandmother Mima cautions her to guard her heart for the type of man who will respond to the “light in the window,” meaning the message of Christ in her heart. But when disaster strikes during the play, Marcy is destined to discover the truth of the play’s message first-hand when it becomes clear that although two men have professed their undying love, only one has truly responded to “the light in the window.”

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6 Responses to Saturday Stories: A Light In The Window

  1. Oh, Audra, what a WONDERFUL review, my friend — you are just TOO GOOD to be true, you know that? You didn’t have to take the time to do this, you sweet thing, but I SO appreciate it, more than I can say!!

    And, WHEW!! LOVE the passionate look of your website, sweetie-pie!!


  2. Ahhh, Julie! I have a real love-hate relationships with your books. I love them for their passion and truth all rolled up in a heartfelt lovestory; I hate them because they won’t let me put them down and I have to read them in one sitting!

    You are a true gift to the Inspirational Romance genre. I pray your stories will flow for years to come!!!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Vince says:

    Hi Audra:

    What a wonderful review. However, I like to think of Julie as a current day Jane Austen. Her books will be read a hundred years from now with equal enjoyment. She has captured an important period in American history. Her passion always illuminates the universal in the individual situation. Her first six books are timeless.

    Also, unlike you, I could not read any of Julie’s books in one sitting. I would pass out from an overdose of romantic passion first.

    In addition, I have a love/jealousy reaction. I love her writing but it makes me jealous because I can’t write that well myself.

    I’m just 42% into “A Light in the Window”. I have to sip it because I know it is not as long as Juile’s other books and it is going to end too soon. I love that there is a character named Julie in the book. It’s about time! : )

    What I enjoy most about “A Light in the Window”. is that I know who is going to get the girl because I’ve read the following six books. Book II drove me nuts because I didn’t know which hero was going to win the girl and I did not want to vicariously identify with the loser. Of course, at the time I advised both heroes not to marry Charity. : )


  4. Hi Vince, Julie has quite the fan club, doesn’t she? I don’t know how you can begin page 1 of her novels and NOT remained glued to your seat until you’re finished!

    I too am jealous of her creative talent. Oh that I could write a fraction as well. Our current day Jane Austen…I like that.

    Thanks for sharing, Vince : )

  5. The blurb had me hooked and your review cinched it.

    I’m really looking forward to reading Julie’s book.

    Perfect for a Christmas read.

    And what a beautiful cover.

  6. Leslie, you will love A Light In The Window. Julie writes with a passion for love that drenches every page.

    A great Christmas love story!