Make Cover Art Work For You

Vince Mooney shares his years of marketing expertise in an insightful and provoking way. His examples shine light on issues authors face not only in cover art, but promoting their work.
 “Why Cover Art and Advertising Headlines Have The Same Missions” 
*The Three Missions of Headlines and Book Cover Art
* Finding Out Who Your Best Prospects Are
* Important Advertising Misconceptions Indie Publishers Need to Know
*The Importance of ‘Promise’ & ‘Benefits” in Cover Art
*Examples of Cover Art: the Hows and Whys of Doing it Right
Have questions on Cover Art? Get answers from the expert.
My Story, My Way
Join Vince at My Story, My Way today and find out how to make your book cover one of your most useful promotions.
Indie authors, take advantage of this opportunity to make your books stand out in a crowded market!
Vince Mooney has taught Philosophy, Advertising, Property Management, and many real estate subjects at the University, Community College, and Technical School level. Trained as a philosopher and history teacher, he has worked mostly in advertising, marketing, and real estate, and is currently writing a non-fiction book on the Romance genre.
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  1. Hi Audra,
    Thanks for featuring My Story My Way ~ An Indie Adventure on your blog. Vince’s post on cover art is amazing.

    Is your cover saying enough? Check it out.