Happy Thanksgiving

Thank you all my friends and family for being a part of my life. God places each person in everyone’s life for a purpose, so it’s no accident our paths have crossed. I am so thankful for the blessings I’ve enjoyed, I could go on forever in listing them.
But I’ll only state the top five : )
Thank you, Lord for the blessing of my husband. Gary is a Godly man who makes this journey through life fun and exciting.
Thank you, Lord for my children. You have instilled in Kara a strong sense of right and wrong – and as always, it is up to her to determine which path to chose. She is a unique blend of ornery, sweet and mischievious, and life is never boring with her around. In Bud, you’ve infused a deep understanding of watch and wait. His desire to learn and then put that knowledge into action is a wonder to behold.
Thank you, Lord for the loving home you’ve carved out for us in the heart of Colorado. The memories created and those still to come are and will be cherished forever.
Thank you, Lord for the freedom our country has fought to attain and continues to protect with brave men and women in our armed forces. Bless their labors and protect them as you provide constant comfort and peace for the families who love and miss them.
And most of all, thank you, Lord for Your love for us. May we always strive to spread your holy Word throughout the world.
Bless all the authors and their stories – may our words spread Your Word.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

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