Journey of Dreams

I’ve now announced to the world that I plan to launch my British Victorian Romance series, Lost Causes, as an Indie author. An Indie author. Wow, it feels spooky just saying those words. But, it’s the path I’ve chosen after consulting with my Almighty Advisor. Just knowing the peace that flowed over me when I nodded yes to the concept is worth all the uncertainty I know I’ll experience along the way.

Let me give you a little background on why writing this series of Inspirational Romance is so important to me.

As a lot of you know, my parents immigrated to the United States from Lithuania during WWII. Very disturbing time; very culturally impacting. My parents did not know each other as their families fled the Russian occupation by different routes that eventually led them to a Lithuanian community on the South side of Chicago. It isn’t so much the end of the journey that I concentrate on, it’s the adventure along the way.

Over the course of many, many years, my mother shared slips of stories of her escape from Lithuania. These were rugged and fearful times, and for months on end, she and her older sister had only their faith and the kindness of strangers along the way to lead them to new lives in America.

My mother, though timid and reticent in her older years, embraced a fierce will of survival that only desperation can bring. Can you imagine a pair of teenage girls literally running through the battle weary countries of Prussia, Poland, Germany, Belgium to make it to their goal destination of England?

They made it : )

Though much of their perilous journey was never shared with me, their joy of reaching England and subsequent months of adventures about the countryside before being shipped to America made for hours of reminiscent storytelling and filled me with a nostalgic spirit inspired by their courage.

My series, Lost Causes, is the product of those snippets of stories taking root in my fertile imagination. For decades, they’ve been mulched with curiosity and watered with dreams. My mother was labeled a “displaced person.” She hated the stigma. She thought no one cared for her. She had no home, no country, nowhere to belong, until the grace of God led her across the ocean to a community determined to rebuild their legacy in the land of possibility.

And so, I too, begin my journey, tucking away the courage and triumph of my ancestors deep in my heart as I explore the tumultuous lives of 3 gypsy cousins – Dominic, Tonja and Bela – fighting their way through Victorian England, overcoming their journey of torment, lies and degradation to reach their ultimate destination – peace and love found only within the arms of our Lord.

Funny thing about this book writing business, I’ve found most of the time you haven’t a clue where you’re going until the right plot, the right genre, the right moment all collide. I began writing Precious Possessions 15 years ago with the goal of selling great historical romance to a secular publisher. I’ve won awards from RWA (Romance Writers of America) contests along with ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) contest acclaim. After going through many generations of ideas and revisions spanning half a dozen computers, I’ve finally come to the conclusion the only course for Lost Causes includes a deep spiritual thread of everlasting salvation in Jesus Christ and a depth of emotion I only now recognize.

I hope this bit of insight entices you to join me on my journey. I’m revising and reinventing my fictional haven of Athay tucked within the Yorkshire countryside. I’m praying I understand and recognize every detail within the romantic novel to make it a fulfilling read for you and all who pick up my book. Check back soon and often. I cherish your friendship and welcome your prayers as I create a story worthy of it’s origins.

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4 Responses to Journey of Dreams

  1. Vince says:

    Hi Audra:

    You have the joy and enthusiasm of a new convert! Keep that power. Once Christianity was an outlawed sect persecuted by Rome. Then it became the state religion of the Roman Empire. Authors can go indie and indies can go Traditional. Indie books don’t burn bridges – they light the fire that let’s them be seen in the darkness.


  2. Amanda Cabot says:

    I can’t wait to read it!

  3. Hi Vince!
    Thanks for the vote of confidence. I don’t think this will quite be a Roman Empire thing, but I do think it’s a venture worth pursuing.

    And hey! I’m depending on you for marketing tips : )

    Thanks for all your support : )

  4. Hi Amanda!
    Thank you for ALL your support. It’s a scary venture, but I’m feeling very good about it. And taking the narrow path which will include an editor, a cover artist and whatever other resource necessary to present the best book I can. I learned from the Traditional world. Thank God He gave me that experience.

    I hope to see you soon!