Perils of parenthood

“Entrust your loved ones to Me; release them into My protective care.”

As I read through my devotions this morning (Jesus Calling by Sarah Young, August 23), my heart jumped at this very timely piece. Entrusting our children into anyone’s care is a very difficult thing, especially for me. Both of our kids are out of the house now, one in college and one feeling her way through her first job. I really thought “out of sight; out of mind” would work for me. It doesn’t. Some days all I want to do is open up a phone line to both kids so we can be connected throughout the day.

That’s what I want. I don’t think anyone else feels the same way, LOL!

We all go through the darkness of uncertainty during points of our lives. I’ve done it and you’ve done it, too. We’ve emerged on the other side sharpened and honed and ready to face the next test. When I was in college, I didn’t think twice about the obstacles in my way. I zigged and zagged around them and stored the experiences away in my mind and heart to have as reference materials in facing the same situations later in life.

Didn’t we all?

So why is so hard to watch our children navigate the same path? My heart aches for their lonliness and frustrations. I continue to think I can fix all their hurts with a kiss and cookie. I need to pull up my faith by the bootstraps and realize I can’t be there for them all the time.

But God is.

“When you release loved ones to Me, you are free to cling to My hand.”

I never thought of it that way. I need to cling to Jesus’ hand. I need to let go of my worries and look to Jesus for peace in my own life and not worry over the lives of others.

“As you entrust others into My care, I am free to shower blessings on them. My Presence will go with them wherever they go, and I will give them rest. This same Presence stays with you, as you relax and place your trust in Me. Watch to see what I will do.”

There comes a point in a parent’s life when we must let go of our chicks and let them find their own way in the world. We must let go, but not Jesus. In today’s mediation, I’m reminded that Jesus will always protect them, never stop loving, never let go.

And that my friends, lightens my heart.

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2 Responses to Perils of parenthood

  1. This is very meaningful to a mommy whose only baby started kindergarten this fall. She’s ready to race ahead and I just want to hold her hand and walk with her every single step.

    It has only just begun.

  2. Oh Andrea, I feel for you! Preschool was hard on me. Trust me though, the weaning process gets easier : )

    We missed you at ACFW!!! Maybe some day soon???