ACFW 2012, Part 2

 As promised, here are more pics of the 2012 ACFW conference in Dallas. There were more than 700 attendees this year which made for some very cozy moments amongst the masses while waiting for dinner doors to open, LOL! As usual, the staff of the hotel – the Hyatt DFW – provided tasty meals and showered us with real Texas hospitality!

The chicken fried chicken and side of salsa were very good…never did figure out what the scoop of purple was…

The best part of attending conferences is hanging out with friends you don’t see at any other time. Sure the Internet is a great communication tool, but nothing beats face to face, and the wonderful memories created within the span of a few days to last through the next 353 days.

Forget Raymond…Everyone Loves Missy!!
Carol Moncado, Missy Tippens, Pepper Basham

Casual business attire was the order for the days, but everyone brought their Sunday best for the Awards gala on Saturday night. The winners of the Genesis (for unpublished authors) and the Carol (for published) are announced as the highlight of the festivities, but more on that in a couple of days.

Hmm, can you guess which Seeker is sporting the glitzy red shoes???
(I’ll give you hint — they complimented her gorgeous red dress)

Our days were filled with meetings and editor/agent pitches, along with workshops and lots more exhausting events. Friday night was reserved for a free-night where we could go to dinner with our publishers, agents, writing chapters — or simply hang out with friends. It was a well needed and well deserved break.

I finally caught up with Pam Hillman one evening and we spent the Friday free night at the Wild West Pizza Party hosted by the My Book Therapy crew. What a great time!!!! Definitely on my list of things to do again next year : )
Check back again for more pics and highlights!!
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