Day 29

It’s day 29 of Seekerville’s First ever Speedbo! What is Speedbo, you might ask? It’s the opportunity to challenge yourself. To write continuously, thoughtfully, and yes at times, thoughtlessly as you strife to add as many words as possible to your WIP (Work In Progress).

It’s been a tough, but rewarding month for many of our friends in Seekerville. Some have achieved; some of stumbled. Some are amazed at what they’ve done; others maybe not so much.

But we been there to support one another and laugh and cry together. We’ve celebrated milestones and we’veĀ scolded, and pulled up our big girl panties as needed.

Join me today as I share my thoughts on Success Is What You Make It.

If nothing else, come for the coffee and pancakes, LOL!

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2 Responses to Day 29

  1. Keep persevering, Audra!!! Hoping April will be a slow month so you can get a lot more done on your WIP, which I can hardly wait to read! I know it will be awesome!

  2. Thanks, Mel : ) I’m the queen of backstory so trying hard to cut, cut, cut.

    Draw a deep breath, and then cut some more. I can’t wait to get in the middle of the story where all the ‘splaining is over, LOL!