Saturday Stories: The Apothecary’s Daughter

I am a new reader of Ms. Klassen’s books, and I daresay I’m hooked for life. As I read The Apothecary’s Daugher, I was enchanted by the cover, enticed by the setting and absolutely sold as the words of this love story unfolded before me. At each turn, I thought I had figured out the suitor to win Lilly’s heart. But as I rounded the bend, uncertainty once again clouded my mind and I read on to see which lucky man would win the fair Lillian Haswell’s heart.

Product DetailsLilly Haswell dreams of travelling the world. She sits atop the bridge and studies the narrowboats carrying passengers up and down the canal, daydreaming of places far away and maybe someday finding her mother who left the family a few years earlier and had not been heard from since. She is restless at home with her disabled brother and her lonely father as she helps in the apothecary’s shop, longing for a life beyond her simple village.  An opportunity to make her dreams come true arrives in the form of her aunt and uncle who offer to take Lilly to London and bestow a season upon her. Lilly jumps at the chance. Along the journey from Bedsley Priors to London and back, Lilly finds dreams may not be all they’re dressed up to be. She snatches bits and pieces of news of her mother, information that only muddles Lilly’s already confused feelings and heart. When illness strikes and she makes the decision to return to Bedsley Priors, Lilly finds the quest of the heart may not be the adventure she once thought it to be.

An absolutely wonderful story that drew me in from word one. I must confess, I received The Apothecary’s Daughter as a free download from Kindle. If you ever wonder if “free” promotions do any good for the author, know that I’m an now a firm fan of Ms. Klassen’s and plan to purchase her books as they become available.

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