Sandi Rog is my guest

in Seekerville tomorrow! If you want to know the ins and outs of freelance editing, or if you’re shopping for an editor to review your work but don’t know anything about it, stop in tomorrow and ask all the questions you’d like.

Sandi has been an editor for over 10 years and works with Inspiration For Writers, Inc,  a group of freelance editors who have your best interests at heart.

Sandi is also battling cancer. To follow her story, please go to her blog and be amazed by the heart and humor of this dear, sweet, courageous lady as she battles this despicable disease. Fundraising efforts have been arranged to help defray medical costs. Please visit Alison Strobel’s site for more information.

So pop by Seekerville tomorrow, Thurs Dec 1, and say hi to Sandi! Show your support by leaving a comment and you may win one of three prizes!

See you there!

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