It’s Saturday! Not only the first day of a glorious weekend, but also the first day of an entire week off from the day job! Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, it’s just sometimes — when all you want to do is write your heart out because you’ve imagined this wonderful scene for your book and you don’t want to lose the essence of the excitement — there are other things I’d like to do : )

Speaking of exciting essenses of writing, if you haven’t visited Casey Herringshaw’s 2nd Blogaversary party yet, what are you waiting for? Melanie Dickerson is Casey’s guest today.  Melanie writes the most amazing Medieval romances full of suspense, detailed descriptions, to-die-for heros (and heroines, LOL)  and heart warming happily ever afters. Her latest masterpiece, The Merchant’s Daughter, is available now. And while you’re at it, check out The Healer’s Apprentice. Both are beautifully crafted stories guaranteed to stay on your mind long after The End.

I’m a life-long fan of Melanie Dickerson. Her books definitely bring out the historical voice in me and make me want to scribble many a ’twas and ’twere in my manuscripts — now won’t that confuse the cowboys down on the ranch, LOL!

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