Saturday Stories: The Merchant’s Daughter

Melanie Dickerson has done it again. After her debut book, The Healer’s Apprentice, I didn’t think fairy tales could get any better. Well, she proved me wrong. The Merchant’s Daughter is the perfect book to grab along with a mug of hot chocolate and wile away a snowy December afternoon.

What a keeper.

Melanie Dickerson’s inspirational rendition of Beauty and the Beast is unforgettable. With style and grace, she has created wounded characters scarred so deeply, I feared she’d never be able to heal and redeem them. But save them she does in a most masterful, yet poignant manner.  

Annabel Chapman is beautiful inside and out, yet plagued with the insecurity of her own human-ness to the point where she distrusts her own logic and faith. Ranulf le Wyse  is a man scarred through heroism and unable to see his own valor or honor through the pain and torment of his anger. A more deserving couple in need of God’s healing forgiveness and love I’ve not seen in ages.

Set in Medieval England, The Merchant’s Daughter wraps you within the cloak of simpler days, among simpler people, basking in a simple English countryside. Though the setting may whisper simple, the characters are far from simple. Complex and deeply injured, Annabel and Ranulf fight through their worst fears and learn trust in the Lord who loves them and protects them beyond compare.

Keep a box of tissues beside you. The raw honesty that touches the pages of The Merchant’s Daughter will leave you dabbing at tears filled with emotion. I await the next book from this author!

Watch the trailer and peek into the beautiful story world created!

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