Fun Filled Thursday

Ever had one of those weeks where nothing happens on first few days — I mean nothing — and then you have one day packed to the gills? Well that’s my Thursday! All week, writing has been slow, day job has been very quiet, even my husband and I haven’t had that much to talk about, LOL! Lots of stuff vying for attention tomorrow though so I hope you can join the fun!

First, join me in Seekerville where I’ll be expounding on the concept of “Would he really do that?” If there’s anything I’ve learned over my years of writing is that there is always something new to learn. Stop by Seekerville and find out about my latest discovery. Leave a comment and you’ll have a chance to win a book on the subject : )

After grabbing a snack and chit chatting in Seekerville, mozy on over to Writing for Christ where Casey is throwing an awesome week long party in honor of her 2nd Blogaversary!! Casey runs a class act and has interviewed some of the most fascinating authors in Christian fiction. I’ll be sharing the party venue on Thursday with the most wonderful Lisa Jordan and spectactular Jessica Nelson. What do the three of us have in common (other than adoring Casey?)…we’re all First Sale authors! Come join the fun!

If you really want to, you can then follow me to the day job where I’ll spend my day working with member and volunteer enrollments for another fun-filled year of 4-H…the best experience opportunity for kids, bar none!!

I am truly blessed.

  • I get to write novels weaving the love of Christ in the everyday world of ordinary characters,
  • I hobnob, blog and call the great bunch of authors in Seekerville my dear friends,
  • the friends I’ve made in the Christian romance industry are the best ever!
  • my day job is a joy and a blessing
  •  love my family…and they love me!!

Stop by the parties tomorrow. You won’t be sorry!

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