Putting Life Back into Perspective

Life tends to get hectic, doesn’t it though? I know I’m not the only one to feel overwhelmed when I look around and think, “how in the world am I ever going to get all this work done?” May and June were especially difficult months with kids returning home from college, revising and polishing my msc for my editor, plans to build a house, preparation for our County Fair,…the list goes on and on.

You’d think I’d have time to just write a few words here to let y’all know I’m still alive. LOL!!

Well, I am and I’m finally coming up for air. Manuscript is sent off, kids are settled back in the nest and at work, house has a foundation and septic system (both very necessary entities!). Whew, and before the Fair really takes off, I thought I’d better catch up with the important elements in life.


Life is shorter than we all realize. We need to make the most of whatever time the good Lord gives us. I hope I’ve put my time to good use, but as anyone who REALLY knows me can testify, I’m very easily distracted. Which can be taken as a good thing : ) As long as I remember to return to original tasks and complete them : )

So, I’m cleaning my office — and the rest of my house — clearing away the clutter. I want to spend time with you here on my blog. I want to spend some summertime moments out on our deck just looking out over God’s handiwork, because really, is there any place more beautiful than home? I want to live in the moment and give thanks for all the blessings in my life.

Before I sign off for the day, let me invite you to view a YouTube clip compiled by my friend, Theresa Rizzo. Theresa has nailed the writing journey for what it is…when we keep it in perspective. Thanks for taking the time to put this together, Theresa! And yes, there will come a time when pigs fly for all of us!

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4 Responses to Putting Life Back into Perspective

  1. Audra,
    Amen and amen to all you have said but great hearing an update from you. Hope you’re having a joy-filled summer!

  2. Hi Bobbe!

    At times you just have to sit back and give thanks for everything. Including the blessing of work. Although, I can’t say I’m a real fan of the hot weather : )

    My entire family is working incredible hours this summer, so the only time we could find to transplant seedling trees was last Saturday — 100 of them!

    Almost makes the weekend non-existant.

    Great hearing from you!

  3. Sherrinda says:

    You planted 100 trees??? Wow, you are a wonder woman. May was busy for me, and June ended up being a traveling month. So, I have been relaxing this week and being blessed by God. He is good!

    Enjoy relaxing and catching up!

  4. Hi Sherrinda! Traveling? Traveling is very good. I think I’d enjoy a week or two away — as long as the time was spent on a beach or in a mountain cabin with no schedule to keep. LOL!

    Have to say I’m sorry I couldn’t attend RWA in NYC, but really, I think the pace to keep up would kill me!

    Worse than planting my 100 seedlings, LOL!

    Enjoy the summer while you can!