RITA judging

As it is over most of the United States, Colorado’s temperature for the day is frigid…again.

I was hoping I’d get a snow day from work, but no such luck. I am thankful though that I only drive about 5 minutes to get there instead of a commutes of 30 minutes and more! Though I love road trips, a daily drive of dodging traffic is not my idea of a great start to a day!

This is the first year I’m eligible to judge the RITAs. I received 8 books — 8 books! — to ready by March 9. Wow. I have a difficult time sneaking in moments to read the books I want to read much less 8 books assigned for my opinion.

Still, I have to admit, reading outside my writing genre is proving entertaining and relaxing. I’ve finished 3 books written by authors I never would have known about and am thrilled to say I’ve enjoyed them. I still have 5 more books to read. May the good Lord grant me time, patience and little eye-strain as I hole up in my office with a hot cup of coffee and finish my judging assignment!

Have a great day all and stay warm!

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4 Responses to RITA judging

  1. Vince says:

    Hi Audra:

    Are you reading on the job? I do but then I work for my self. : )


  2. Hi Vince!

    I wish I could!

    Hey did you see the February issue of Charisma magazine? Love Inspired has a 40 page spread in it and yours was one of the quotes!


  3. Vince says:

    Hi Audra:

    I can’t download the issue on my home computer and I’m stuck at home right now. Do you remember which book I was quoted about? I’m curious, of course.


  4. Hi Vince,
    I tried cutting and pasting you quote but it won’t let me. They quoted you on your opinion of Love Inspired books. Here is the section it’s in. I believe your quote is on page 12-13.