My husband is a very generous fellow. And usually, I love him for it. Except this weekend when he shared his indefinable illness with the rest of the family. Aches, pains and fuzzy head have dogged me for the last two days. Even had to take today off from work so I wouldn’t spread the cheer. Can you believe that? Call in sick the day after New Year’s weekend. Can’t wait to see the ribbing I get when I go in tomorrow, LOL!

Is this any way to begin the New Year? I mean, really? Well, I guess if you’re checking off items accomplished, I can scratch *getting sick* off my to-do list for 2011 now. Wouldn’t that be great? Ha, in my Nyquil sustained dreams : )

May your year start out better than mine everyone! And if by some chance I DON’T get sick again in 2011, look for my New Year’s eve post telling the world of my incredible discovery!!!


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6 Responses to Sharing

  1. Sherrinda says:

    I’m so sorry you were sick! That stuff is not fun. I work in an elementary school, so I think I’ve developed alot of immunities. 🙂

    Do you work full time? If so, when in the world do you write?

  2. Mornin’ Sherrinda
    Thanks for the sympathy. Usually I can ward off these nasties from my family, but it was so cold over New Year’s weekend, we were all stuck in the house. Germ heaven.

    I remember aiding in elem school in my kids’ classrooms. I always had tissues in my pockets, more for the kids than for me, LOL.

    I do work full time at our County Extension office as the 4-H secretary. Great job. Great people. LOTS of inspiration for characters.

    Writing time kicks in from 7-9 in the evening. My brain has adjusted to that and we seem to make it work.

  3. Sherrinda says:

    I am impressed. I’m so tired in the evenings, I don’t have the energy most days to write then. Do you have kids still at home?

  4. My mom used to work in our County’s extension office. She was the secretary, and I was always amazed at the way she could actually keep track of who was where and when. She always had a mouthful to say when she answered the phone too, “University Outreach and Extension, this is Brenda. How can I help you?” : )

    Of course, a Colorado county extension office may be a whole other creature than a Missouri one.

  5. Way too cool, Andrea! Give your mom a high five for me!

    I’ve got a mouthful when I answer phones, too. “CSU Extension, Boulder County. This is Audra. Can I help you?”

    Then I come home and answer the phone “Harders Painting”

    I don’t think I know how to just answer “Hello” LOL!

  6. Does my husband count, Sherrinda? This is our first year as empty nesters. Driving my husband nuts. He misses having a houseful of kids. Of course, our college student children come home lots of weekends. Lucky for him.

    Lucky for me : )