Incredible review

Learning to juggle my time between debut book launching, full time job, family AND finishing book two to send to editor, at times, I don’t know which way to turn! Please be patient with me as I learn to shuffle all the pieces of my life in place AND have time left over for an occasional episode of NCIS!


I promise I’ll have pic of my booksigning up this weekend.

In the meantime, please check out Andrea’s Take, a wonderful blog with tips and insights you don’t want to miss. She reviewed Rocky Mountain Hero and left me speechless! Thanks Andrea!

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3 Responses to Incredible review

  1. I am SO glad you like it Audra! I watched for something from you with half an eye. I was almost afraid you thought it was awful.

    I just joined ACFW yesterday. I know the conference is in St. Louis, and I’m dying to go. It’s gonna be up to Hubby (since he’s the breadwinner, I TRY to bend to his will in the money department), but I want to go so bad I can practically taste it! Send up a prayer for me when you think of it.

    I’m *planning* to post that review or some version of it on Barnes and Noble.

  2. Thanks Andrea! I’m still trying to appropriate my time between writing, work, family…I’m afraid I’m not doing a very good job.

    Thanks for having my back : )

    Hey, my hubby was #1 (only) breadwinner all the years I was a stay at home mom. I went to conferences and workshops when we could afford it and prayed alot inbetween, LOL!

    Praying for you, too!

  3. I can’t tell you how I am appreciating those prayers today. God told me yesterday, via my pastor/husband, to get off my duff and write. Then that same husband has me hunting down generators to prepare for the coming snow storm of biblical proportions. (If Noah lived in southern Missouri today, God would have him building an igloo to prepare for this one).

    I also have to clean up from Saturday’s birthday party (my little girl turned 4) and put together the Barbie Dream House that grandma bought.

    I’m feeling tugged in about 4 different directions today (think “drawn and quartered”). So, yes, prayers are unbelievably welcome. Thanks so much.