Happy New Year!!

Welcome 2011! Can you believe it? 2011? I remember all the nail biting and disaster foraging for 2000 just like it was yesterday. We’ve come a long way. No longer are we worried about the Y2K bug getting us~~now we wonder, day to day, what staple in the world is going to change next. LOL! Don’t blink. You’ll miss out on something!
I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t been very faithful in posting my journey through life along with tidbits of cleverness from others. I’m sorry.

If you visit Seekerville on December 30 — waaaaay back last year — you’ll find an incredibly invigorating and thought provoking post by Tina Radcliffe on chosing the One Word for your life. Read this post. Completely makes you rethink the whole notion of New Year’s Revolutions – or resolutions – as folks are fond of saying : )

As Tina says, “The concept of My One Word is to pick one word and allow God to use that word to mold and shape you in 2011.”
One word. One. How in the world is a writer, or any avid reader for that matter, supposed to choose just one word?
Well, after long hard study of my personality and what I really need God’s help with in my life, I’ve chosen the word:
As in making them. If I’ve learned one thing about me over my lifetime, it’s that I’m not good at making choices.
Not to be confused with making bad choices. Please.

More like making choices, period. Choosing between one activity and another. One event. One project. One hobby.

A very wise friend once told me, “Time does not expand to encompass all you want to do. You must choose the best use of your time.”

Wow. What a concept. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do in 2011. Believe me, this is not going to be easy.

Plan ahead. Schedule. Say no.
I’m posting reminders already. I’m scribbling down goals, then reassessing them for importance. Is it a necessity or a desire? Through the early stages of these decisions, necessity will win out.
With some leeway time for Emergencies.
Have you chosen a One Word yet? Try it. It’s not as easy as it looks. Well worth it though.
Happy New Year!!

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4 Responses to Happy New Year!!

  1. Sherrinda says:

    Oooo, I love this! I posted about My One Word too! My word is: Passionate. I have gone too long just going through the motions. I want to live passionately in every area of life, whether it is in my relationship with Christ, taking care of my body, taking care of my family, writing…you name it, I want to be fully present and passionate about my whole life.

    I should make your word my second word. So often I don’t choose wisely and get stuck. 🙁 Here’s to a New Year!

  2. I chose a word: Finish. I also posted on my blog about it, like so many others are.

    I love the quote from your “wise friend.” I have a problem with managing my time. I tend to waste a lot of it. Then I’m scrambling to complete the urgent tasks, while leaving the truly important ones undone.

  3. Sherrinda, you are passionate! LOL! Or am confusing passionate with enthusiastic?

    Passion is such a great emotion to have in life. If you’re not passionate about something, why bother?

    I’m with you on all aspects of your passion, too. Give my heart and life to Christ and leave them in His hands. He has such great plan for my life, I just need to sit still and listen.

    Let’s be present and passionate in all we do!!!

  4. Oh Andrea, Finish is such a great word! If I didn’t need to learn Choice first, I’d be all over Finish.

    Hopefully, when I nail down the Choice aspect of my time, maybe all the loose ends won’t be so overwhelming and I’ll reap the benefits of Finish, too.

    Happy New Year!!