Review – Made To Order Family

How can a woman betrayed so thoroughly by her late husband ever think of loving a man who once again keeps his own thoughts and secrets steadfastly to himself? Made To Order Family showcases love and forgiveness, and the occasional boot-in-the-pants, with flair.

Here’s a peek at the back cover:
Single mom Rita Slocum wants to get her life back on track. Taking things one day at a time seems doable — especially with Brooks Harriman at her side. Brooks has been there for her through good times and bad. But she’s always been leery of getting too close to the broad-shouldered woodworker who keep his past locked away. Now that Rita’s opening her own bakery, she needs him more than ever. If only Brooks would open up his life — and his heart — to Rita.
Doesn’t that just make you sigh? From page one, Ruth Logan Herne draws you into a life that could mirror any typical person, only the lives of Rita and Brooks reflect unique from the get go. Both are recovering alcoholics, learning to take one day at a time. Only Rita’s life includes three children with issues of their own, and Brooks struggles to deal with a past filled with betrayal and deception.

The story that unfolds on the pages of this book will simmer in your heart way after you read The End.

Neither of them are looking for love — really, they hold anything resembling love at arms length. At times, you really don’t see a viable resolution. Don’t let that fool you, though. Ms Herne delivers a book filled with heart and hope…and a very satisfying ending.
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