ACFW Conference Pics!!

Seekers at play before the kick off of the conference.Janet’s daughter graciously allowed us use of her gorgeous house outside of Indianapolis for our party that included burgers, cake and conversation!! From left: Myra Johnson, Janet Dean, Debby Giusti, Audra Harders, Missy Tippens, Mary Connealy

Lucky me! I got to hang out with Pepper Basham and Angie Dickens — two up and coming stars who had fabulous pitches prepared for their chosen editors and agents. These two ladies came prepared!

I can’t begin to tell you how well we were fed! And the artistic design of each meal — to die for! 
              Julie Lessman, Anita Mae Draper and Myra Johnson

Sara Richardson and Wendy Paine Miller show off their great taste in bags : )

How lucky was I to share a lunch with Cynthia Ruchti, ACFW President?

Seems like all you do is smile, LOL!
Erica Vetsch and Mary Connealy

Look at all the ribbons attached to Kim’s name tag!
Audra Harders and Kim Vogel Sawyer

Emily Rodmell, my editor, Audra Harders, and Tina James, editor of Steeple Hill Love Inspired, LI Suspense, and LI Historical

I have plenty of pictures left. Don’t want to use them all in one post!!
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6 Responses to ACFW Conference Pics!!

  1. Sherrinda says:

    Oh that looks like so much fun! Now, what do the ribbons attached to the name tag mean?

  2. Myra Johnson says:

    Great pix, Audra!!! So good to see you again!!!

  3. Hi Sherrinda!

    Kim was involved in everything! One ribbon for Mentor, choir, volunteer, registration, on and on.

    I had one tiny little volunteer ribbon. Really, that was all I could handle : )

    Hoping to see you next year in St. Louis!! WooHoo!

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  5. Looking through the after conference pics makes reliving the conference so vivid!

    Myra! We have to wait an entire year to do it all again!

  6. Hey Audra, glad to see you haven’t posted all your conf pics. Most of mine are still hiding in my camera while I work on my wip and I was thinking I’d missed the wave. But, it’s nice to see more pics coming out. And thanks for posting one of me… I think I’m getting used to seeing my new face. LOL

    Anita Mae.