Graduation in the air

I despise paying bills. Anyone else feel the same way??

I just finished paying the last bill for the month and, hallelujah!! There’s money left in the checking account : ) This is such a tight economy, every penny left over is celebrated.

But that joy won’t last long.

We have a high school senior who is chomping at the bit to graduate. This coming Saturday. We’re all dancing with excitement in the Harders’ household, including my daughter who just graduated from junior college two weeks ago. And to think, I remember them starting preschool like it was yesterday…

I digress : )

Back to graduation and our budget. All is not gloom and doom!! I’ve prayed for breathing space in the bank account for special occasions, and guess what? After shopping for party fare prudently, ordering graduation gifts when they were on sale, and cleaning up stored deck furniture in lieu of new, I do believe we have the special occasion signed, sealed and paid for — IN ADVANCE!!

Now THAT’S a miracle, LOL!

Congratulations to all the graduates looking forward to their special days no matter your age, school or degree. I applaud your achievements and wish you all much success!!

Welcome to a new chapter of your life!
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