Up before dawn

Saturday morning and I can’t sleep.

I should be able to, I’ve lost enough sleep over that past week still flying high on the excitment of selling my book : )

But here I sit. Saturday morning. Drinking coffee. Catching up on emails.

And more than prepared to resume work on the revisions to my book, Rocky Mountain Hero. So much to do and so little time to do it. Ahhh, don’t we all work better under pressure, LOL!!

My daughter is driving home from college to spend the weekend. Can you believe we took her up to school just two weeks ago and she’s homesick already? And this isn’t even her first year of college : )

We miss her, too. My carnivorous child is ready to fill up on meat, meat, and more meat before she goes back on Sunday and faces whatever canned food is sitting in the cupboards.

College life. What a kick.

I changed the background of my blog. Don’t know if I like it yet. Gotta wear it a while…break it in…see if it fits.

Oh My Goodness. I’ve got to work on my website, too.

And finish some judging panels.

And compile our taxes.

So really? Who has time to sleep?

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2 Responses to Up before dawn

  1. Hey Audra, congrats again. Glad to see you’re still on a high. It’s a major accomplishment to be sure. Enjoy it.

    My daughter’s at 1st yr College(Bible), too. I raised her to be outgoing, confident and not tied to my apron strings. I think I did too good a job. And she doesn’t drive and lives in Calgary 8 hrs away. *sigh

    Not that you asked, but I like your background… not sure if the header and side panel color works with it though. You know you can go in to blogger and fiddle with the the colors, right? I didn’t know until someone pointed it out to me so I figured I’d pass it on.

    Praying for your continued success.


  2. Hi Anita,

    Ah, kids and college. Kara’s only two hours away, and I think that’s just far enough : )

    Next year my son goes to college and then it will be just Gary and me. Funny, when the kids are growing up, you can’t wait for them to move out. Now that the time is here, I want to keep them close to home.

    Crazy world.

    Thanks for opinion on my blog background. I’ll see what I can do with my colors. I think I need a larger screen, I can’t see more than the actual blog template. All the surrounding design I only see when I view it at work on a larger screen.

    Thanks for stopping by, Anita! Thanks again for the congrats : )