Welcome 2010

Happy New Year! May 2010 put a smile of your face all year long.

Traditionally, January 1st is the day for resolutions for the new year. I tend to go a step further and make revolutions (doesn’t it take a revolution to make a change??) with the best of intentions at heart.

Not this year.


If I want to be perfectly honest, I’m still trying to nail down the revolutions I”ve been making over the last decade. Why add more beans to the proverbial pot when I haven’t perfected the original blend of herbs and spices?

This year, I want to concentrate on making the most of the gifts I’ve been given.
  • I have a day job that I love and I plan to serve my community the best I know how.
  • I have a hut on Unpubbed Island that I’m just dying to move out of and that will never happen if I don’t sit my butt down in my chair and continue to write Inspirational Romances, drawing strength and emotion from every romantic fiber reaching deep down to my core.
  • I have an awesome family that will soon fragment as children tend to do as they mature and leave in search of happiness beyond the nest. Oh, I don’t feel I’m losing them. No. It’s just a change every healthy family goes through when the spirit of adventure calls.
  • I embrace the awesome power of prayer and firmly believe the Lord is in control. So what’s the point of prayer? To remind me the Lord has everything under control : )
  • I am blessed with the love and support of friends spanning the nation. How great is that??

I have a wish and a prayer for all my friends and family: find your happiness and live in contentment in this upcoming year of 2010.

Blessing to you all!

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