The Morning After

Wow. What a wild party!
Seekerville hosted a First Sale party for me yesterday on the Island. It was a wild time! I got to talk to friends I hadn’t seen in years. Got to rub shoulders with those faithful followers of Seekerville and Five Scribes. And I met folks who just enjoyed coming to a good party : )

Our highlights? Well, we had a Conga line going all day long. Mercy! You should have seen the length of that thing, LOL!! Thanks Tina for getting that going just a few minutes after midnight : ) Cap’n Jack Sparrow held his post all day beneath the palm trees serving refreshments and yes, chasing a few flip-flops around the island : ) Madame Zelda made an appearance at the end of the day to pass out a some *I told you so’s*.
The pig roasted up deliciously and thanks to all who proved the endless dessert table : )
Marshmallows were aflame come nightfall when the bonfire whooshed to life and folks settled down around the warmth and reminisced over the day, the year, the years…

All keys to Ski Jets, motorboats and yachts were confiscated at the shore upon arrival and when the party drew to a close, we all pulled up a hammock, a cot, sleeping bag, or just a plot of sand and said goodnight to a memorable day. Can you believe the island natives clean up while we slept? Awesome!

I’ll cherish the memory forever.

Thanks go out to Tina, Ruthy, Mary, Camy, Cheryl, Missy, Cara, Sandra, Myra, Janet, Glynna, Debby, Pam and Julie for sticking with me through the years, thick and thin. You guys know how to throw a swinging party!

And now, if you want to know more about how to Monkey Around, visit Seekerville for a peek into all the happenings of the coming week!!
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2 Responses to The Morning After

  1. Janet Dean says:

    Don’t know when I’ve had more fun! Or a better reason to kick up my heels! Can’t wait to read your story, Audra.


  2. Thanks Janet! Wow. What a ride : )