Brrr! It’s cold!

Winter has blown into the Front Range of Colorado with gusto! Last week we had a couple days where the hi temp barely reached freezing! This is the time of year I feel bad for the animals we have that live outdoors. I wish we could climate control the goat shed and rabbit hutch to at least keep the water from freezing solid!

This Christmas season finds me playing pack horse for my dear aunt Ona. Back in October she slipped and pulled muscles in both her shoulders. As we all know, as we grow older, it takes our bodies a bit more time to bounce back. Well, it so happens Ona’s *wings* are taking their own sweet time in repairing themselves.


That leaves me to help aunt Ona shop. This is not a hardship in the least. But it does put me in the midst of all the holiday shoppers when I prefer the comfort of my desk chair and online ordering convenience : )

I’m happy to say that after two weekends of non-stop shopping, Ona is happy with all her purchases and can now settle down and wrap presents in the gorgeous style she is most noted for.


I’m praying my Internet orders arrive in time and hubby has a strange urge to fight the crowds and go shopping this season.

Not so bad : ) There’s always a nice lunch or dinner involved : )

Happy Shopping!!
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One Response to Brrr! It’s cold!

  1. CJ says:

    We got our first snowfall of the season last night. I wouldn’t mind if it turns out to be the last. And shopping, point and click. No crowds! Down side is no nice lunch or dinner.