Road Trip

My family and I took off to our place in Glasgow, MT last Wednesday. This is a 12 hour drive, mind you. Tucked into a land rolling farm fields surrounding a huge, gorgeous lake, I relax and regroup in the tranquil environment.


This trip, my husband, daughter and son discovered that the wonderland of deer hunting had sold out of the tags/permits they wanted to purchase to make their hunting vacation dreams come true.

We discovered the converter box necessary for analog television conversion since digital has filled our lives, didn’t do squat for our reception. Annoying snow graced our screen until the faithful DVDs were popped into the player for entertainment.

As usual, no Internet connection.

Did I mention my kids are teenagers? 19 and 17? Bored teenagers are NOT a pretty sight. A bored husband either.

So, what should have been a relaxing retreat into the northern climes of Montana instead turned into a clash of wills and escalating tempers.

We packed up and drove 12 hours back to Longmont on Sunday.

It’s taken me 2 days to get over the road-lag.

I still love the Glasgow area. The people are great and fields filled with cattle postcard perfect.

Next time, we’ll go up in July or August when we can boat on the lake…

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