Black Friday

Black Friday, the day merchants wait for all year long.

My daughter plans to battle the crowds.

Me? I’m too chicken. I’ve jabbed elbows with the best of them years ago and have absolutely no desire to wade into the fray. Give me a break. I’m older and wiser.

And the $30 I’ll save off the original model of Cricut just isn’t worth it. I can scrapbook just fine without mechanical assistance. Besides, my husband thinks I have more than enough scrapbooking stuff already.

Can you really ever have enough??

Instead of biting and kicking my way through crowds and possibly contracting H1N1, I plan to work on the plot of my book, sit out on the deck and drink in all the projected warmth of the day. I’ll go shopping TOMORROW!!

Yes, it’s a sickness.

Pray for me.

BTW, this whole writing on the beach is a fantasy. You really don’t want to see my office : )
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