BIAW – Day Three

Seekerville BIAW continues!! If you haven’t made it over to the blog, run! Don’t walk! Lots of encouragement and suggestions on writing well and writing fast offered!!

Word count for Wednesday: 3064

Today was rather harried at work. We have an achievement dinner coming up next week and I’m in the thick of preparations for it. No pressure, just too many things to do and not enough time to do them all in : )

And today I also took my uncle to have a cataract removed. Trying to keep the dosages of his eye drops straight was an event in itself : ) The surgery went well and Uncle Ed is resting tonight. Tomorrow we go back to the doctor for post op advice.

But, on the bright side, our dog was taken off of house arrest today so we went on a long walk when I got home. Fall is definitely in the air! The walk did both of us a lot of good. I came home with a cleared mind and worked on BIAW. The story is coming along fine.

I like my characters : )

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