BIAW – Day Five

Okay, so here it is, Friday!! My brain is fried, but I did finish the program layout for our awards night coming up in a week.

I celebrated the weekend by watching a movie tonight — The Wedding Date. Loved it! Can’t believe I missed it a few years ago in the theater. Oh wait, if it came out the same year as Pride and Prejudice, well, nuf said. I think I spent the entire year watching both the Focus and the A&E versions. Both had their good points and bad, let’s just say I enjoyed being able to switch from one to the other and watch the good parts over and over again : )

Okay, after watching my movie, I was in the mood to write to romance!

Word count for Friday: 2749

Please remember I’m rewriting a book, so some parts are cut and paste and lots of parts are new.

Okay, one more day.

Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go!!!

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