Truth or Not?

Yesterday, I blogged in Seekerville about screen and music personalities and what we could glean from their particular mannerisms. I had some great comments that lead to great conversations.

But there was one comment in that made me stop and think.

The television series, Lie To Me, revolves around Dr. Cal Lightman who is the world’s leading deception expert. He assesses truth or lie by studying facial expression and involuntary body movements. He not only detects lies, he can tell you why. In my blog, I concentrated on Cal’s mannerisms and what made him unique as a character. I never thought to take my observations a step further.

Edwina commented that she loved the show and especially Cal Lightman because he explained the telltale behavior. You are absolutely correct Edwina! I will now look beyond the man and study his talent.

Imagine that. Watching television as homework!

I can’t wait to put my research to use : )

Happy writing!

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