Preview of the Boulder County Fair

Life has kicked into HIGH for the Harders’ family. It is July and that can only mean one thing…Boulder County Fair!

Even though my daughter graduated from high school last year, she is still able to participate in 4-H this final year. She is raising lambs and competing in Shoot Sports. Her 4-H ambitions have definitely slowed down over the last few years, considering she is only participating in two projects this year rather than the sliding 6 to 10 as she has in years past.

Bud, who is going to be a senior in high school is also participating in lambs and Shooting Sports, but two projects a year is normal for my son : )

Although the County Fair doesn’t technically begin until July 31, the Shooting Sports contests have already passed and I”m proud to say both Kara and Bud have qualified to go to the Colorado State Fair in .22 Caliber Rifle, Air Rifle/Pistol, and Archery.

Kara excels in .22; Bud in Archery.

Since I work for the Extension Office as the 4-H secretary, this coming week holds lots of adventure for me. Monday night the display cases for the projects need to be inspected and repaired. The project Superintendents will review their number of entries and plan to arrange the displays accordingly. I get to help and coordinate where ever I’m needed.

Thursday, we have Interview Judging Day for all the 4-Hers. The kids bring their projects for judging which includes an interview with a judge.

This is an exciting day.
This is a long day.
This will be a day full of surprises.

I’ll post through out the week and let you know how life goes : )

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