His Forever Love by Missy Tippens

Much like her debut novel, Her Unlikely Family, the characters found within the pages of His Forever Love are warm and friendly with just the right amount of conflict to make you wonder how they’ll ever get together.

Bill Wellington lives in Boston, MA; Lindsay Jones lives in Magnolia, GA. There’s a little bit of travel time between the two locations : )

To make matters worse, Bill returns to Magnolia to relocate his grandmother to Boston to live with him. Lindsay is heartbroken, but what can she do? As they work together to pack up Granny Bea’s house, Lindsay rekindles her friendship with Bill only to realize the attraction she’d felt for him as a teen has fanned alive again.

Oh, did I mention, Bill has broken Lindsay’s heart before?

Missy Tippens pens a delightful novel the makes the unpredicatable volley of emotions come alive in characters we care about from the first page.

His Forever Love

Steeple Hill

Love Inspired (June 09)

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  1. Audra, thank you so much for the nice review! I’m so glad you enjoyed the story.