Progress, Day 1

Family plans have gone askew for a vacation trip to Montana. Bummer. BUT…

This gives me an entire week of time to spend polishing up my manuscript, Rough and Ready! It will be ready to send off by the time I have to go back to work on Tuesday, July 7th!!!

Here’s a recap of what I’ve done already:
Sunday afternoon I drove up to Left Hand Canyon (about 15 minutes from my house) and spent a couple hours absorbing atmosphere. If I’m going to write books set in Colorado, I better make folks feel they’ve just spent 250 pages in the Rocky Mountains! I sat and listened to the river run, inhaled the scents, watched the wildlife, fingered the moss rock and tree barks for texture, and snapped LOTS of photos!
If you want to hear more of my adventure, join me in Seekerville on Thursday where I’ll be talking about adding texture to your novels.

Today, I kept my rear in the chair and finished chunky revisions — about 60 pages worth!
Now I’m going to go back over the manuscript to find holes and add the texture discovered from yesterday’s jaunt : ) But that’s my plan for tomorrow. Stayed tuned to my progress : )
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