Can you believe it is the middle of June already? Where is the year going? If you know my family at all, we’ve just put away the Christmas decorations and plan to pull them out somewhere around the middle of December…

I would love to give an update on how I’ve been using my time wisely in plotting new books and revising old ones, but sad to say, my day job has swallowed my life whole. I’ll be glad when the pace dies down and our county fair is all but a memory. But, preparations are the name of the game right now, so Colorado State Fair look out! Boulder County has some awesome kids showing awesome projects in 4-H this year!!

If you’re looking for a great blog interview, visit Five Scribes and read the Michael Hauge interview by Leslie Ann Sartor. Great stuff! If you’re interested, come join the fun at the workshop Michael will be attending hosted by Colorado Romance Writers in July.
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