Back To Normal

Ever have one of those months where everything takes precedence over your life except what you are dying to do? That’s been my April.

Judging for the Genesis contest took up a good portion of my time. If you know anything at all about me, you’ll know I love to judge entries in contests. I use to judge for anyone who asked, but these days, I usually limit my time to two contests — The Sandy and The Genesis. And the Golden Heart when I’m asked : )

This year, the Sandy had some great YA entries. Tough bunch to pick finalists out of, to say the least.
The Genesis offered me the opportunity to judge Romantic Suspense. I loved it. Talented writers in the romance genre. Some of the plots made me envious — why can’t I think like that? Anyway, if the Genesis on a whole had entries as good as the RS, the final judges will have their hands full.
Next, I had an opportunty to submit a short story for consideration in a sequel to A Prince among Dogs. This was my first attempt at a short story, 1st person, with a specific theme. Interesting exercise. I chose to highlight the purpose Satchel, our dog, played in our lives. The memories of our faithful hound and all he meant to our family rekindled love and tears I had safely tucked away for last couple years. Writing memories of him made me cry. The editor passed on the story. Bummer. I can’t help but think though that God hadn’t intended on my selling that story to Revell, but rather, I come to terms with my grief in losing my good friend. I sniffled…I cried…I sobbed. And I came out appreciating all the blessings God has placed in my life.

I prepared two entries for the TARA contest. The final judge is Anne Horch from Faith Words. I think the world of Anne. She’s a terrific editor and incredible encourager. Faith Words may not be the right house for my stories, but I’d love to see what Anne has to say about them. I’m praying she has the opportunity : )

Now we’re into May. If you look at my sidebar, you’ll see a word count for Diamond in the Rough. Let’s see if we can push that count up to 60,000 by summer!!!
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