Theresa is a Semi-Finalist!!

For those of us following the incredible writing journey Theresa Rizzo is on thanks to the Amazons Breathrough Novel contest, here is the most recent update of exciting news!!

The Road Between made the cut to the top 100 in Amazons Breakthrough Novel Award –out of thousands of entries from 7 countries and 33 States! AND the best thing is the Publisher’s Weekly Review of the whole manuscript–which I included below. The day the top 100 were announced, an agent from a great NY agency emailed me, congratulating me asking me to send a partial!

So excited! Now, Penguin Editors all read the top 100 manuscripts, the Publisher’s Weekly review, and all our Amazon customer reviews and pick the top 3 by May 7th. The top 3 then are voted upon by Amazon customers and the one with the most votes wins the $25,000 publishing contract with Penguin.

Thanks to all who downloaded the free excerpt and left a review–and it’s not too late to read & review if you want to. Here’s the link:

Thanks everybody!


From Publishers Weekly

This charming novel gracefully addresses embryonic stem cell research and garnishes it with a powerful, tender romance. Reporter Skylar Kendall, grieving for a young niece whose death could possibly have been prevented with stem cell treatment, puts the blame on Senator Edward Hastings, a staunch opponent of embryonic stem cell research. Edward’s best friend, Mark Dutton, starts out trying to distract Skye and ends up in love with her. As Skye opens up to Mark and begins to appreciate Edward’s commitment to his moral values and his family, she struggles to come to terms with her anger and write the exposé that her career depends on. When Edward’s wife suffers a spinal injury that could be treated with stem cells, the political becomes deeply personal. Though occasionally leaning too much on foreshadowing and coincidence, the author otherwise handles the complexities of science and morality with tremendous care and nuance; there are no hypocrites or villains here, only loving people doing their best in terribly difficult situations. Contemporary romance readers of all political leanings will be enthralled.
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