There is a certain amount of continuing education I need to take for work and it usually consists of public service classes or technology. Today, I attended a couple of classes, one of which dealing with the public service sector — Dealing Effectively with the Public. The other class had to do with Time Management. Both classes taught me a lot about myself.

I discovered I’m pretty much split down the middle in the personality graph. Half of me falls under Pleaser; the other half an Enthusiast. Apparently I’m well designed for a public service position because I like making people happy. I’m a team player. I hate conflict.
These are great qualities for my day job. . ..
No small wonder I find it difficult to put my characters in peril, for them to hold grudges, and argue amongst themselves. Apparently, I don’t like dwelling on the dark aspects of life : )

A beacon of light does shine through though. Now that I’m aware of these tendencies, I can work on correcting them the first or second draft rather than my critique partners highlighting areas in my manuscripts for characters to provoke fights. Personally, I never saw the attraction of throwing sand in the sandbox : )

The Dealing with the Public class segued into the Time Management class surprisingly well. See, I love spending time with people and solving their problems. Who has time to clean up their desk? Answering emails in a timely fashion earns praise from happy citizens; soliciting donations more often than not earns rasied brows and skeptical comments.
Don’t get me wrong, I really love my job. It’s just interesting to discover why I’d rather let piles accumulate than file them away, award ribbons rather than order and sort them, create newsletters filled with info on upcoming events rather than pack away boxes filled with materials from events past.
Sounds like I’m only in it for the fun, huh?
Trust me, it all gets done. I can’t think of a single person, or profession that is completely enjoyable. They all have their moments.
Some are just better than others : )
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