The Road Runs Ahead

…Rather than falling behind, which is a good thing, because although 2008 had its good points, it’s time to tuck the old Cabela’s calendar away and focus on the new Lighthouse 2009 model hanging proudly on my kitchen wall.

Instead of a list of resolutions, I’d like to post a list of the many opportunities I’m looking forward to in 2009:

  • attending the National Western Stockshow here in Denver. I do, afterall, write cowboy romance : )
  • celebrating Valentine’s Day, my most favorite silly holiday. I don’t think I’m capable of writing a novel without some thread of romance in it.
  • snow storms and spring days
  • spring break at our farm in Montana. Glasgow, MT is about a 12 hour drive from Denver, and we’d make the trip much more often if only the state Wyoming wasn’t in the way : ) Only kidding, Wyoming is a great place, filled with likeable people and changing scenery. Maybe central Montana could stand to be cut out. No, I love the badlands we drive through and all the herds of deer and antelope we race along the way. Okay, I guess we need to keep the entire drive in tact.
  • Easter
  • daughter returning from college for the summer.
  • son finishing his junior year of high school, ready to get senior year over with, too : )
  • the Crested Butte Writers Conference
  • 4th of July in Montana
  • Boulder County Fair
  • Colorado State Fair
  • daughter going back to college : )
  • son going back to school and peace and quiet reigning in the house once again : )
  • husband, son, and daughter enjoying all the hunting seasons that begin in the fall and go on for months : )
  • ACFW Writers Conference hosted here in Denver this year!!
  • fall colors and the scent of cooler days in the air
  • first snow
  • second snow
  • Thanksgiving in Montana
  • Advent Season
  • Christmas
  • enjoying my friends and family all through the year.

May the peace of our Lord Jesus live in your hearts all year long and may 2009 bring joy, challenge, contentment to your life. Happy New Year, 2009!

Blessings to you!!

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